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website for renters

fully responsive websites of modern design
search engine optimized (Google, Bing ...)
Visual editor (self-editing of data on website)
Reservation Manager (records of all reservations in the occupancy calendar)
SSL certificate (HTTPS) + Antispam protection

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Advantages of Laganini websites

Main features of websites for apartments, holiday homes and private accommodation

Adapts to all devices (responsive)

A fully responsive website adapts to all devices and looks great and works smooth on each one of them from smartphones, tablets, laptops to desktop computers

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

We use all optimization (SEO) techniques that guarantee high loading speed and improve the position of the website on search engines in the long run (Google, Bing ...)

Functional web design

Websites are based on a template with a functional design and excellent user experience (UX) using the latest technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and JS)

Guaranteed security (SSL certificate)

The website includes an installed SSL certificate (https) which guarantees secure communication via the Internet and we use all techniques for protection against SPAM

Self-editing of data on website

The visual editor enables self editing and very simple and intuitive change of data (price list, text, special offers...) without the need to know HTML, CSS, Cpanel...

Availability Calendar (Booking Manager)

Reservation management (all data on guests, payments ...) within a very simple Availability Calendar that you can further synchronize with other portals (main calendar)

Social networks (integration)

Integration of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...) and YouTube with the website for better online visibility and more complete presentation of accommodation

Deposit payment (integration)

Integration of the system for collecting deposits or the entire amount of the reservation via PayPal, cryptocurrencies, payment gateways (credit and debit cards)

Why to have a website?

The best online presentation/business card of the accommodation

The business of private renters is becoming increasingly challenging, primarily due to macroeconomic trends, the rapid development of new technologies, increasing competition but also unpredictable and extraordinary situations.

In order to successfully run the accommodation rental business and to be sold out not only a few weeks in the high season, but also in the pre-season and post-season it is necessary to constantly invest in the quality of accommodation and services including quality presentation of the accommodation, but also education and monitoring of the latest tourist trends.

In today's increasingly digital world, the best and most efficient way to have the best online presence and to brand accommodation services is certainly to have your own website.

Having a website
  • 0% commission
  • Self-management of reservations (without vacant periods)
  • Direct contact with guests
  • Tourist guide of the place (tourist attractions, interesting places ...)
  • Unlimited content (photos, text ...)
  • Manage the display of reviews
  • Running your business independently
Online booking services and travel agencies
  • 15-50% commission
  • Limited reservation management (possible vacant periods)
  • No direct contact with guests
  • Without the possibility of a unique presentation of the destination
  • Very limited content
  • Fear of negative reviews
  • Your business depends on success of agencies

All those private renters who prefer direct reservations and direct contact with guests (without high agency fees), should, in addition to advertising on portals with direct contact and opened profiles on social networks, also have their own website.

Unfortunately, most accommodation objects in Croatia have almost no online visibility (they are not shown in the search results when entered keywords in search engines) except maybe ads on one or two foreign online booking services (Booking, AirBnB ...) and therefore almost do not exist when guests, travelers, and tourists are looking to book accommodation online.

In order to be as competitive as possible in the increasingly saturated tourist market, so that guests can find you more easily, but also in order to optimize your income and profit, it is necessary to make additional efforts for the best possible online visibility:

  • by creating your own website,
  • by opening profiles on social networks (Facebook, Instagram),
  • using free Google tools (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google MyBusiness),
  • advertising on specialized portals (, ...)

Each of these steps is necessary in order to run a business as successfully and carefree as possible, but we still highlight website, which in the long run is the best way to promote and present apartments, rooms, or holiday homes that will serve as an online brochure, sales channel and a mean of communication between you and your guests.


satisfied customers

users extends the service

Useful information (read before making a website🧐)


Examples of websites we made for our private renters

Villa Eni
Villa Flying Stars
Apartments Pašman
Apartments Kanica
Holiday home Navalia
Luxury Podgora
InCenter Rijeka

Price list

Choose the plan that suits your needs


  • Own .com domain
  • Hosting (server accommodation)
  • Single page website
  • Multilingualism ( )
  • Adapted to all devices
  • Photo galleries (unlimited)
  • SSL Certificate & Antispam Protection
  • Social networks (integration )
  • Self-editing of data on website
  • Support during the subscription


  • Own .com domain
  • Hosting (server accommodation)
  • A multi-page website
  • Multilingualism ( )
  • Adapted to all devices
  • Photo galleries (unlimited)
  • SSL Certificate & Antispam Protection
  • Social networks (integration )
  • Self-editing of data on website
  • Support during the subscription
  • Availability Calendar/Booking Management
  • Extras (forecast, exchange rate list..)
  • Deposit payment (PayPal, cryptocurrencies...)


  • Own .com domain
  • Hosting (server accommodation)
  • A multi-page website
  • Multilingualism ( )
  • Adapted to all devices
  • Photo galleries (unlimited)
  • SSL Certificate & Antispam Protection
  • Social networks (integration )
  • Self-editing of data on website
  • Support during the subscription
  • Availability Calendar/Booking Management
  • Extras (forecast, exchange rate list..)
  • Deposit payment (PayPal, cryptocurrencies...)
  • Unique and custom design
  • Destination oriented website
  • Unique descriptions of object and surroundings
  • Tourist guide of the place
  • Logo and visual identity

* Note:

  • Basic and Business plans are paid annually (due to the need for annual domain renewal, hosting, and support)
  • The price for the Basic and Business Plan is increased by € 80 in the first year (a one-time amount for making a website)
  • The price for the Professional Plan is € 995 paid once and after that every next year € 95 (just like the Business Plan).
  • If you want your website to be translated into an additional language or languages, a one-time payment of € 40 is paid for each additional language
  • When choosing a plan, no contract is signed. You may cancel the service at any time or transfer your domain and web hosting service to another provider at no additional charge.
  • Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below for frequently asked questions, and if you do not find the answer, contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic plan is an online presentation of accommodation that meets all the basic requirements and standards of a modern website.

Our recommendation is Business Plan which, with all its basic functionality, offers Availability calendar (Booking manager), widgets such as weather forecast, exchange rate list and the possibility of integration with PayPal so that you can very easily and efficiently charge a guest deposit via your own website and it comes in 3 languages (Croatian, English and German).

Professional plan is intended for private renters for whom renting accommodation is the main source of income and who have many accommodation units/objects. It is a destination-oriented website which aims to attract guests with a detailed presentation not only of the accommodation but also of the destination and its surroundings and all tourist facilities and attractions. With all the functionalities of the Business Plan, you get a detailed presentation with a unique and customized design with unique and attractive texts, intuitive tourist guide of the destination and surroundings, logo and unique visual identity, all in order to directly sell your accommodation. The price of 6090 kn is one-time payment, and after that is paid 590 kn/year.

Availability calendar is a standalone program that you get with the Business and Professional plan in which you keep a complete record of all reservations, i.e. record the following information:

  • all details about the guest (name and last name, email address, country of origin ...)
  • exact number of persons (adults and children)
  • arrival and departure dates
  • reservation status (temporary, confirmed, confirmed with deposit, confirmed with full amount paid)
  • the exact amount charged as a deposit and the amount remaining to be charged upon arrival
  • additional notes

When you enter a new reservation, the occupancy calendar on the website is of course automatically occupied. It can also be synchronized (via an iCal link) with other portals, saving you time and automating processes. It is a one-way synchronization, i.e. the Calendar is intended primarily for all those renters who prefer independent business and make most reservations directly. In that case, the Calendar also serves as the main calendar, from which you synchronize all reservations to all other portals on which you advertise (e.g. &, travel agencies and online booking services ( , AirBnB ...).

Each website comes with very useful functionality which is a standalone program - visual editor with which you can make changes to your own website very easily and quickly without any knowledge of HTML, CSS code or Cpanel.

The program is primarily intended for editing text data (price lists, texts, equipment…), and you can also change all styles (color, font size, font…). We change the photos (because they are in the photo galleries). The easiest way to edit photos is to share them with us via Google Drive. Create a folder for each accommodation unit, object, place, etc. and arrange the photos by naming them in the order you want them to appear in the photo gallery.

After creating the website, we will send you instructions on how to use the program (visual editor) on your own.

During the subscription period in all three offered plans, we also provide free support, which includes assistance in changing data and photos, adding new content, eliminating possible errors in the operation of the website ...

Free support refers to:

  • Minor changes (adding a few photos, changing prices ...) that are completely free.
  • Major changes (change all photos, change full text, insert new content ...) that are free once a year, and if you want to make two or more times such changes within a year are then charged extra.

We suggest that you make major changes to your website once a year, before or after the season, by collecting all new materials (photos and texts) and sending them to us together.

You can make the vast majority of changes yourself through the visual editor, and if you have any additional questions, ambiguities or problems, feel free to contact us via the contact form or give us a call.

In order to make the process of booking accommodation as fast and efficient as possible, it is necessary to offer guests more options for collecting the deposit or the entire amount of reservation. In addition to the traditional bank transfer, you can offer guests the payment by credit and debit cards via PayPal or even direct payment via cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum...).

  • Bank transfer is a standard form of payment and all bank transfer information should be displayed on the website. Recently, within the European Union, all international bank transfers are charged the same as national ones (several kunas per transfer), so it is very acceptable for both guests and renters. It is necessary of course to open a multi-currency foreign currency account in the bank and you are ready for payments.
  • PayPal allows integration with your website (via the PayPal button) to easily and efficiently charge a deposit or the entire amount from guests. Through PayPal, all guests can pay with valid debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express ...). In order to enable payment via the website, the only prerequisite is that you have an open business PayPal account to which you will receive all payments. PayPal is the best-known and most widespread online payment system used by millions of people around the world because of its simplicity and speed. Opening and maintaining an account is completely free, as well as transferring funds from a PayPal account to your bank account, however when paying a deposit by guests the fee is 3.4% + 0.35 € (eg if the guest needs to pay a € 200 deposit, you will receive on your PayPal account 192.85 € (200 € - 6.8 € (3.4%) - 0.35 € (fixed amount)). You can always charge the fee to guests (increase the requested amount by the amount of the fee of 3.4% + 0,35 €), in order to receive the full amount.
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum ...) are the latest form of payment, which is rapidly becoming globally popular, and the biggest advantage is that there are no intermediaries (decentralized structures) and the amount of the reservation is paid by direct payment to your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet. Bitcoin or Ethereum token in euro equivalent. If you own a Bitcoin or Etherem wallet, integration into the website is very simple and only includes displaying the address of your wallet.

These are just some of the most popular methods of payment, and of course, if you use any other methods of payment we can very easily integrate them into the website in order to facilitate the whole process of booking accommodation.

The destination-oriented website is primarily based on the presentation of the destination in which your accommodation object is located. In addition to unique texts describing the destination and the entire offer, there is also a unique tourist guide of destination, surroundings and region (top 10 places to visit to see and experience).

The entire website is designed to provide known and lesser-known information about the destination and the surrounding area that each guest would like to know before arriving and booking accommodation.

By presenting places and surroundings, tourist attractions and events, you very effectively sell your accommodation.

The destination-oriented website is part of the Professional Plan which comes with a number of features such as a Availability Calendar, payment of deposit, logo and visual identity, widgets, extras and more, and will allow you to be in a better position on search engines (Google, Bing...) which brings competitive advantage.

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