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Laganini consulting, branding and other services

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A complete range of services in tourism for successful business

Branding and marketing

One of the foundations of any successful business, and at the same time marketing strategy is a strong brand, so together we create a strong and recognizable brand

Video and photography

We make professional photos of accommodation, video materials (aerial photography by drone) and process all materials for a top presentation of accommodation

Consulting services in tourism

We advise on how to raise the quality of accommodation and services, where to advertise, which services to use and how to optimize the organization and business

Detailed business analysis

We analyze the existing quality of service, financial results, pricing policy, competition, and give recommendations for business optimization and better financial results

Other services for renters

We offer a wide range of additional services such as SEO optimization, translation into other languages, feasibility and investment studies, and valuations of projects

Branding & Marketing

Branding and marketing are the key for long-term success

Branding can be defined as a process or series of actions aimed at making a product/service recognizable to all customers/guests in order to increase its value in the market. Namely, strong and well-built brands have a very positive and proactive effect on customer awareness, easily reach new clients and keep existing ones much easier.

The branding process involves all points of contact of clients/guests with your tourism service in a business, communication, but also visual context. In the process of branding by analyzing the market, competition and opportunities for development of your accommodation capacities, we create a feeling of trust, usefulness, well-being and security among guests by sending key messages. The end result is a brand that sends a strong message to guests that their needs and expectations will be met.

Brand is an idea, a concept, a thought and a value system. We will share your idea with a unique story of your service!

Usually, we carry out branding in 3 main steps:

Defining branding goals and timeline

increase sales and customer loyalty, number of inquiries and reservations, greater visibility on the Internet ...

Defining visual identity of brand

logo, name, slogan, typography, photos but also the entire content including unique texts and descriptions

Defining media to communicate a brand

where and how to advertise, which sales channels, social networks and online tools to use

What is included in branding and marketing of your tourism product/service?

Identification and analysis of the target market and guest profiles (country, language, preferences, etc.) in order to create all the prerequisites for a successful marketing strategy. We also analyze the existing presentation (ads, website, published content, photos, videos...). Throughout the process, you will learn how you need to think and what to do to achieve your goals and improve your organization, efficiency and business, but also stand out from the competition.

  • market research
  • target market analysis and guest profile
  • competition analysis
  • brand audit
  • goal definition
  • analysis of the existing situation
  • activity plan

It is crucial that you are consistent in everything you do, so we unify communication and form consistency. It is primarily about visual communication (logo, photos, video presentation…), but also the way you communicate brand messages (content, slogan, description of the offer, accommodation, destination…) primarily via your own website, and then via all other channels. Over a period of time, occasional interactions with guests with a clearly defined visual identity will turn into inquiries and bookings, and then into regular customers/guests.

  • brand name
  • logo design
  • web design
  • visual identity design
  • slogan design
  • copywriting (unique descriptions of accommodation, destination and surroundings)

There are several business models of both private renters and other entities in tourism, and we help you choose the best one for you, whether you want to do business completely independently, work exclusively with agencies/intermediaries or combine these two types of models. We give you guidelines on how to automate (facilitate) business and speed up sales processes (accommodation reservations), as well as choosing the best pricing policy.

  • business model selection
  • pricing policy
  • business automation
  • improving the process of selling/booking accommodation
  • where and how to advertise
  • which marketing strategies to use

We will help you to present your accommodation on the largest social networks, primarily on Facebook and Instagram, and, if necessary, on Twitter and Pinterest. Content tailored to each social network allow you to understand the target market of your tourism product/service and encourage potential guests to decide to book your accommodation. Likes, sharing, commenting, tweets, friends, followers, hashtags draw attention to your brand or website and increase online visibility and conversion rate.

  • open a Facebook profile
  • open an Instagram profile
  • set up a profile
  • help and educate on how to manage social profiles
  • use of your own marketing budget for Facebook and Instagram

It is important to note that behind every successful branding is a quality service provided, i.e. the foundation of a successful business must be a quality accommodation service. Branding is a kind of extension or upgrade to a quality service/product and is a constant process that lasts as long as you do business, or communicate with your customers/guests.

You can order branding and marketing service as a complete service that includes all of the above processes, or you can order only one part (e.g. visual identity or logo design). Each brand (business) is unique, so we approach each client individually and based on all the information gathered, we give our vision of your brand.

Video & Photography

Secure the best presentation of your accommodation

Good quality and professional photos, as well as attractive video presentation, realistic virtual walk and general multimedia content leave a great and striking first impression on the customer/guest. For a successful business in tourism, good quality and complete digital multimedia presentation is a key marketing strategy for the best presentation and promotion of services/accommodation in today's increasingly digitalized world.

Photography is the most important medium through which you present yourself to your customers/guests, and in order to leave the best possible impression, photographs must be of high quality, high resolution, horizontal orientation, taken in sunny weather...

A quality multimedia presentation of your accommodation is not a cost but an investment in more successful business.

According to our experience, but also numerous researches, good quality and complete presentation of accommodation greatly increases the interest of guests, and consequently leads to significantly higher sales, more inquiries and reservations .

Complete range of multimedia services:

Example of a photo of accommodation and surroundings
Photography and photo processing

Production and processing of high-quality and high-resolution photos of interiors, exteriors, destinations, beaches, tourist attractions, and the discovery and focusing on competitive advantages through photography.

Drone recording and video presentation

Aerial recording (photography) by drone of your accommodation, surroundings, beaches, tourist attractions and the entire destination, as well as making an attractive video presentation and posting it on YouTube.

360 panoramic photos (virtual walk)

Production and processing of 360° panoramic photos that enable the display of space in an authentic and realistic way and provide guests with a complete experience of accommodation, destination and tourist attractions.

If you do not yet have or you are not satisfied with the quality of the presentation of your accommodation, contact us and we will do our best to make your presentation the best possible representation of your service and accommodation.

Tourism consulting

Advisory services in tourism and leisure industry

Do you have an idea and a vision, and you need help realizing the project?
Need advice on how to best manage a tourism facility or do you want to increase the quality of existing services?
Do you want to start a new tourism service or build/take over a business, but you need a development and investment plan?
Not sure which marketing strategy is best for you or where to advertise your accommodation?

We help you in successful realization of projects in tourism, in realization of expectations of clients and guests and of course realization of all your business goals. Whether it is accommodation of private renters, or smaller family hotels, tourist resorts and amusement parks or tourist destinations, municipalities and regions, for us consulting in tourism means to be constantly looking for new ideas, trends and solutions. and choosing the best approach to implement them.

Reliability, trust and long-term cooperation are the key to success, because we believe consulting is more than just giving advice.

You can cooperate with us in the long run and always count on new conceptual and technological solutions which implementation will improve your business.

7 basic goals of consulting;

Improvement of business, organization and efficiency
Educating the client how to solve similar problems in the future
Assistance in implementing recommended solutions
Making detailed recommendations and solutions based on the diagnosis
Diagnosis (detection of problems and inconsistencies in business)
Solving client problems and achieving all set goals
Providing useful and up-to-date information to the client (analysis of existing business, competition ...)

We provide consulting services related to:

  • Organizational changes and efficiency
  • Choosing the optimal business model
  • Market positioning (recognizability, originality and visibility on the Internet)
  • Raising the quality of service/accommodation
  • Savings (reduction of operating costs)
  • Training and education on how to approach and communicate with customers/guests
  • Developing and expanding sales channels and ensuring stable revenues throughout the year
  • Brand building, promotion and advertising
  • Development and investment plan

If you need help in one of the business segments in the tourism sector or you want to review your entire business, please contact us with full confidence. We approach each client individually (we believe that each business is unique) and based on the set goals we provide a comprehensive analysis and solution proposals.

Detailed business analysis

Detailed business analysis and optimization recommendations

Via detailed analysis of current business model, we are searching for and pointing out all the advantages and disadvantages in order to better understand and improve your tourism product/service with the offered solutions.

Unlike branding, where we actively help you and jointly implement all agreed solutions, in a detailed business analysis, we focus primarily on all internal and external factors that affect your business.

Through in-depth and comprehensive analysis, we discover all the causes of problems that hinder you from achieving your goals.

A detailed business analysis consists of:

  • The first step in improving your tourism product/service is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both you and your competition. After analyzing the location where your business is located, we provide an overview of the target market and define the initial steps in determining the sales strategy. Via the analysis of competition, we give recommendations for correction of the pricing policy in order to further increase revenues and reduce the underutilization of accommodation capacities. In the development of pricing policy, based on your preferences and our impartial advice, we together define the optimal promotional packages.

  • Sales and sales channels are one of the key elements for a successful tourist season. Guided by this fact, depending on the type of accommodation, location, target market and other important factors, we analyze the costs and benefits of existing sales channels and give an overview of current sales channels by pointing out their main advantages and disadvantages. After the analysis, we give you recommendations for all new sales channels you need to use to increase sales and capacity utilization to a satisfactory level.

  • The analysis of operational and financial results includes insight into previously achieved business results, key business indicators (operational) and tools that will enable definition of goals, annual plans and monitoring of occupancy and maximum capacity utilization. Financial analysis also includes analysis of revenues from accommodation and other services, analysis of energy costs, materials, external services and other costs and profits. If necessary, we analyze additional financial and operational indicators, all with the aim of increasing profits and, accordingly, reducing operating costs.

  • The foundation of any successful business must be a quality product/service. In order to best present your product/service to all interested customers/guests, it is necessary to have the best possible presentation of that product/service. The presentation includes photos of accommodation and surroundings, detailed descriptions of content available to guests, location and equipment of accommodation. After the analysis, in addition to the recommendations for improving the presentation, we give an overview of the necessary investments needed to improve the quality of the service itself with estimated indicative costs and benefits reflected through increased revenues and higher capacity utilization.

  • Strong and well-built brands with a recognizable visual identity have a very positive and proactive effect on customer awareness, easily reach new ones, but also make it easier to keep existing ones. Since guests mostly find accommodation online, it is your brand and visual identity that will set you apart from the competition. We analyze your brand and visual identity and the messages you send to potential customers/guests. We give you recommendations on how to stand out, to be recognizable and to start building a strong brand that will greatly facilitate your future business.

  • We analyze the existing standards of conduct which are a very important factor of any business, and include the process of booking accommodation, communication with guests, keeping records of occupancy and other records of guests, resolving complaints and cancellations, house rules and other operational standards. Based on performed analysis, we give our observations and suggestions for optimization and automation of operational processes.

  • Accommodation rating and guest reviews are one of the most important factors when guests make their choices. It is necessary to understand that each guest has different standards and expectations, and that guest satisfaction must come first in order to become returning guest, recommend to friends, but also leave a great review. The primary goal of the tourist accommodation service should be satisfied and happy guests, because only in this way you can have successful business and build a strong and recognizable brand. By reviewing accommodation ratings and all reviews, we will prepare a plan of action to improve future reviews and ratings, which will increase the number of future inquiries and thus bookings.

  • In order to determine that you have complied with existing laws, regulations and provisions, we will conduct a limited compliance review that includes an analysis of compliance with the legal requirements and obligations, all for the purpose of worry-free legally compliant business.

After the analysis, we give you detailed recommendations and concrete solutions to automate all processes and improve your business, organization and efficiency.

As with other services, it is possible to order a complete service with all the above analyzes included or an individual analysis, depending on your needs.

Other services for renters

SEO optimization, translations, investment studies and valuation

Tourism is continuously developing and adapting to the requirements of guests, while the skills and knowledge needed for a job in tourism are extremely important for success, especially due to increasingly challenging circumstances and potential uncertainties.

Based on experience, practical knowledge and understanding the needs of guests, we can offer you additional services whether you want to improve your current business, you want to get a clearer picture of your business in relation to the entire market and tourism sector or you are thinking of starting a new business.

Some of the additional services we can offer you are:

  • SEO optimization ( website optimization )
  • Translations of websites, promotional materials and texts
  • Feasibility and investment studies
  • Value estimates

If you have a specific problem or want to discuss your business, contact us and we will be happy to help you by offering adequate solutions.

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